iOLABS supports Make A Wish.


Make A Wish is a nonprofit organization that relies exclusively on thousands of volunteers and sponsorships to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from rare diseases. With its important work, it has managed to fulfill the wishes of thousands of children in Greece and abroad, and continues this effort despite all the difficulties of our time.

At iOLABS, within our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have decided to support the action of all these people in a different way. Fulfilling their own wish! Creating an information system that will support their efforts and simplify the complex processes they need to follow so that they can devote more time to fulfill wishes for more children.

iOLABS team managed to complete the analysis and development of the “Make A Wish Cloud Platform”, an online information system that fully covers the needs of Make A Wish volunteers and coordinators to fulfill children wishes. iOLABS team members (analysts, developers) devoted enough of their personal time to deliver Make A Wish Cloud Platform in as short a time as possible. At the same time, iOLABS is fully committed to upgrade and maintain the Make A Wish Cloud Platform forever so that Make A Wish team to continue to dedicate on the tremendous work they are doing.

The Delivery & Presentation of Make A Wish Cloud Platform took place on Friday, June 15, 2018, at the Make A Wish offices in Athens. The smiles and worm words of the people of the organization were a great honor and reward for the effort of our team.

We cordially would like to thank all those who worked to complete this huge project, both on the Make A Wish side and on the iOLABS side.

Alexandros Dervos
CEO – iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies.



Download iConcrete Online Demo

Now iOLABS enables you to download the iConcrete  – Concrete Production Automation System Demo and discover all the incredible features it provides at this site:

Demo needs a good internet connection, since it is installed in our company’s cloud, and is fully functional.

Indicatively, some of the companies that use our Automation are:

  • NIKOS V.L.T.

You can also watch video in our automation mode at, at our company website, and at IOLABS’s Social Media (facebook, LinkedIn, twitter )


New Online Concrete Dispatch Management System powered by iOLABS


IOLABS with tremendous experience in the field of concrete production, and following the latest technological developments, created a new Online Concrete Dispatch System, iConcrete DMS.

iConcrete DMS provides a user-friendly and fully customizable online business environment for easy management of concrete delivery notes fully harmonized with the new World Concrete Technology Regulations and their requirements regarding concrete  production and transport.

Combined with the immense technological innovations of iConcrete  Automation system, iOLABS provides a complete package for every concrete production company.

iConcrete DMS supports:

  • Customers Management
  • Project management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Managing Produced Species
  • Orders Management
  • Issue & Management of Concrete Shipment.

iConcrete DMS can connect to any Accounting Package and draw or provide it with all the necessary information for the operation of the business.

Automation Upgrade with iConcrete for Larsinos SA Batching Plant at Faliro Bay Renovation Works

IOLABS, with continued presence in all major projects in Greece, upgraded Larsinos’ concrete production unit in Faliro with the most advanced automation of concrete production, iConcrete .


Smart Home Automation

We Design, Install and Setup new Modern and Flexible Systems for your own  «Smart Home» which can Suport:

  • Energy Consumption Optimization System.
  • Home Security Management System.
  • «Smart Cards»  Home Entrance Systems.
  • Fire Tracing , and alarms management.
  • Video and Audio distribution at every part of the house.
  • Home Networking and Peripherals Management.
  • ADSL and Communications Management.
  • New Generation Smart Devices Connections.
  • Faster Internet provide.
  • Environmental , Illumination and Air Conditioning Management.
  • Digital & Satellite  TVdistribution.


Moisture Meters - Hydrometers

iOlabs Moisturmeter calculates the exact percentage of moisture on all aggregates such as sand. The MicroWaves Technology eliminates any mistake during calculations and guarandes Relible Calculations.

iOlabs Moisturmeter uses digital Technology and cab be easily setted up and calibrated. Its Installation in any type of silo is very easy and can be used either compined with a digital indicator, or directly connected to the Automation System.

Parts Shipped in the Box.

  • Connection Cable
  • Connections Box and necessary
  • Montage gasket


  • 0,1 to 0,25 % accuracy depending on the material type
  • 4-20mA or 0-10V Analog Output  and   RS232.
  • Calibration  by  using  RS232/RS485 connection.
  • Multiple Calibrations for more than one Materials in the same silo with the same sensor.
  • 5 year sealing guarrandy.
  • Water Resist Sealing.
  • Easy Installation
  • Software Based Calculating system.
  • Guaranteed By iOlabs


iOlabs Panels are Constructed by using the most modern and Reliable materials in order to provide to your machinery the Reliability it needs. Our new Modern Panels are smaller and have great performance.

Placed on metallic board that meets all European Security Specifications (ΙΡ 54) , they contain the main Power Switch  and all the essential electrical parts for the Machinery Operation. It also Contains all the Motors connection Cabling and also all te Communication cabling with all the System Devices.

On the Panel also  the main System Controller is Placed. Thi Controller  is a new Generation Automation Controller that  allows the system to communicate with the main Computer Wireless or not. These controllers are responsible for the communication between the main Computer and the Machinery Parts.


Onboard Wheel loader Weighing System - eNiac

eNiac is a new on board weighing system for wheel loaders from iOlabs Automation & Software Technologies.

It uses the state of art oil pressure sensors and position control sensors and new sophisticated weighing techniques and sampling management and thus can achieve high-precision weighing in no time.

eNiac comes with a new, modern graphical UI and wireless connection thus providing ease of use and ability to connect it in any accounting package for the issuance of delivery notes.



Adaptable to any Wheel Loader type: By using weighing algorithms that support the use of one or more oil pressure sensors and the control unit that supports thousands of samples per second, eNiac can easily be installed on any type of loader.

Installation in just a few hours: Installing eNiac on any type of wheel loader can take 2-3 hours including sensor installations, weighing calibration and system setup.

eNiac Central Unit: Capitalizing years of experience of its Technical Department, iOlabs created the eNiac CPU and its Operating System to be able to manage thousands of samples per second and provide maximum weighing precision.

Signal normalization system: Using filtering circuits, and sophisticated algorithms, eNiac achieves absolutely accurate weighing.

Weighing Settings: All settings like weighing acceptance time and time to reweigh, are directly accessible by the user and can be modified in order to adjust eNiac to the way of working he prefers.

Last bucket weighing Removal: Even if the user has configured the system to instantly record the weighing values, eNiac enables correct weighing, with the removal of the last bucket weighing, so you can just recalculate the demanded material quantity.

Material Management: Through a list of all materials that can be loaded by the wheel loader, eNiac allows operator to change easily and quickly the material to be loaded and will be referred to the weighing log.

Reissue Weighing Logs: eNiac allows user to easily reprint Weighing Logs from previous loading.

Direct Weighing Logs Printing: By using thermal printers, the operator can immediately after loading, print weighing logs as well as all relevant information such as date and time, material and total load.



Quarry Industrial Automation - iQuarry

iQuarry is the new industrial Automation for Quarries powered by iOlabs.

iQuarry is based on new iOlabs innovative processing techniques like LEMS (Less Electronics More Stability), ATS (Auto Tuning System) , SCS (Self Care System) and supports any new technology Ethernet Controllers which provide reliability, speed and accuracy to the system.

iQuarry comes with a new modern Animated design, an easy friendly environment which provides a more sophisticated and clear view to its operator about all machinery operations.



The only one adaptable Automation System at any Quarry: iOlabs has created the only one fully adaptable Quarry Automation System, which is fully parameterized and supports any type of Machinery.

Auto Tuning System: iQuarry is the only automation system which during operation checks and corrects system settings to optimize speed and accuracy depending on the behavior of the machine and materials.

Self Care System: iQuarry automatically takes care to inform operator and proceed to any scheduled maintenance job defined by the operator.

Rapid Installation: Any Installation or System Update of iQuarry can be finished in one or two days, including all the needed work for the electrical panel transformation due to the system easy setup.

Automatic System Operation: iQuarry supports the creation of multiple automatic mode scenarios. In this way, the operator has the ability to create as many scenarios as he wants and to determine the flow order of the material in his Quarry. iQuarry will take charge of the machine components in the right order and direct the flow of materials as the operator wishes. In this way, the operator can operate the Quarry fully automatically and monitor the alarms and indications of the System Ampere meters.

Manual Operation and Maintenance Mode: iQuarry allows the operator to have complete control of the Quarry through its Manual Operation, and also allows easy and quick troubleshooting of the machine, as it is the only system with Maintenance mode.

2 steps Analog Calibration: you can easily calibrate your machinery Analog elements without the need of a specialized technician. In just 2 steps.

Wireless Operation: iQuarry is the only Automation System that can manage your Machinery Wireless from any point of your Plant by using a small Tablet PC.



Fleet Management System - iFleet

iFleet is a smart Fleet Management System powered by iOlabs. It is an application designed in a way so as to provide user the ability to manage his fleet Vehicles easily.

It has been designed after along and detailed analysis so as to be fully configurable & easy to use. The application is designed with the most modern programming tools offering innovations such as the modern and friendly to user working environment, the absolute data validity management, the remote management capability and many more advantaged analyzed below.

iFleet  supports 2 ways of operation. Operation using GPS Trackers (Vehicle 3G Kit) and operation using Tablet PC’s or Smartphones with the appropriate iOlabs application already installed.

By Using GPS Trackers (Vehicle 3G Kit), we use new Generation GPS Trackers, οι which are installed on your Vehicles from specialized iOlabs Technical Team. These Trackers get the vehicle position using Satellite GPS and send that Data to iFleet  Server. By Using Tablet PC’s or Smartphones, we use new Generation Tablets or Smartphones which can be easily installed on the Vehicles iOlabs Technical Team or our Customer Technicians. These devices are equipped with iFleet  Tracker Application which is designed & Deployed by iOlabs so as to be easy on Setup & Configuration, even by the customer himself.

Operation using GPS Trackers (Vehicle 3G Kit):

By Using GPS Trackers (Vehicle 3G Kit), we use new Generation GPS Trackers, οι which are installed on your Vehicles from specialized iOlabs Technical Team. These Trackers get the vehicle position using Satellite GPS and send that Data to iFleet  Server.

The installation on the vehicle is based on the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and can draw information from the brain of the vehicle on fuel consumption, mileage, condition of the engine and the vehicle in general, as well as the vehicle location through satellites and sent at regular intervals (time or kilometers setting) to the iFleet  Server.

A SIM card of any local mobile operator is required so as GPS Tracker device to send the Data to iFleet  Server and the data packets transfer can be supported over 4G, 3G or even GPRS.

Operation using Tablet PC’s or Smartphones:

By Using Tablet PC’s or Smartphones, we use new Generation Tablets or Smartphones which can be easily installed on the Vehicles iOlabs Technical Team or our Customer Technicians. These devices are equipped with iFleet  Tracker Application which is designed & Deployed by iOlabs  so as to be easy on Setup & Configuration, even by the customer himself.

At the same time you do not need further installation of equipment in your fleet vehicles. iFleet  Tracker application gets the location of the vehicle via satellite and send that data to the Server of iFleet. At the same time it includes a vast range of options such as routes, fuel consumption and other materials (oil, filters, and tires), Daily driver Work Sheets and with the help of the driver it can provide the system with all necessary information about the vehicle and its status. iFleet  Tracker application can also receive Locations & Route Info from iFleet  (Enterprise & Ultimate) application and cooperate with any GPS application, so as to guide the driver to the destination, the iFleet  operator has sent him.

For transmitting and receiving data to and from the application requires the use of a SIM card of any local mobile operator and the transmission can be supported through 4G, 3G or even GPRS. iOlabs also enables data transmission via Wi-Fi (without a SIM card), but this limits the possibility LIVE picture of your fleet.

iFleet Benefits:

Accuracy: Using modern Sophisticated methods of Sampling, latest Technology tablets & GPS Trackers, and fully updated maps, iFleet  succeeds to have the best Data accuracy on Vehicle Status View & Management.

Speed: The use of new generation Equipment & Sampling techniques results the maximum speed on Vehicle Status View & Management.

Modern & Fully updated Maps: iFleet  supports Modern Design maps and also supports data on them customized by the customer, like Fleet LIVE View, Points of Interest (POI), Routes etc.

Vehicle Management: iFleet supports Full Management and log data for any vehicle providing a wealth of information to the user about their status, location, consumptions etc.

Installation & Configuration in 1-2 days: Any Installation or Upgrade of the iFleet System can be completed in 1-2 days, including the operations on the Vehicles, because of the system configuration convenience.

Unlimited Database Records: iFleet is supported by a Database that can handle millions of records without having any Performance issues. This means that there is no need to backup old records, or have any issues about history logs, as iFleet can keep an endless logs history.

Unlimited Reports Support: iFleet supports thousands of reports so as to help the company have a clear view about their business. System has a basic package of reports, but it can easily create any type of report company may need.

Easy Setup and Configuration: All operating settings on iFleet are accessible to the user, so as to be able to parameterize the system with ease.

Security and Reliability: iFleet supports access control and passwords for each user. It also provides Backup/Restore Security settings, whether scheduled or when the user wishes, which ensures safety against any data loss.

Multi-Language Support: iFleet is translated in many languages and is designed so that it can be translated in any language directly and quickly.