iOLABS supports Make A Wish.


Make A Wish is a nonprofit organization that relies exclusively on thousands of volunteers and sponsorships to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from rare diseases. With its important work, it has managed to fulfill the wishes of thousands of children in Greece and abroad, and continues this effort despite all the difficulties of our time.

At iOLABS, within our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have decided to support the action of all these people in a different way. Fulfilling their own wish! Creating an information system that will support their efforts and simplify the complex processes they need to follow so that they can devote more time to fulfill wishes for more children.

iOLABS team managed to complete the analysis and development of the “Make A Wish Cloud Platform”, an online information system that fully covers the needs of Make A Wish volunteers and coordinators to fulfill children wishes. iOLABS team members (analysts, developers) devoted enough of their personal time to deliver Make A Wish Cloud Platform in as short a time as possible. At the same time, iOLABS is fully committed to upgrade and maintain the Make A Wish Cloud Platform forever so that Make A Wish team to continue to dedicate on the tremendous work they are doing.

The Delivery & Presentation of Make A Wish Cloud Platform took place on Friday, June 15, 2018, at the Make A Wish offices in Athens. The smiles and worm words of the people of the organization were a great honor and reward for the effort of our team.

We cordially would like to thank all those who worked to complete this huge project, both on the Make A Wish side and on the iOLABS side.

Alexandros Dervos
CEO – iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies.