Aggregate Preloading Management System - iLoading

iLoading is a Concrete Production – cement products Automation System by iOlabs. It is an application designed in a way to give user the ability to exploit the maximum capabilities of his plant very easily. It’s been developed after a long and detailed analysis and it is designed to be perfect parameterized and easy to use.

Technical Characteristics

One of iLoading innovative introducing elements in Automation Systems field is technology which the application has been based on.
iLoading is been built upon a data base which keeps all the necessary information about system s structure, its operation and information regarding productions and consumption.

iLoading Working environment is based on the Database which it is designed to be easy in use absolute functional and gets away from standards automation systems while its environment is strictly in windows.

iLoading Operating Philosophy is based on the following States of Operation.

Automatic:  When the system status is automatic, the operator has only the responsibility to select the storage silo he wants to fill. The System automatically will switch on all the essential parts of the machinery in order to fill the silo with material.

Manual: By switching to manual mode , the operator can manage every part of the Preload Machinery by clicking and switching on them. All te Security Interlocks are working as in automatic mode, eliminating any case of malfunction or bad operation.

Maintenance: This operation Mode allows the operator to  switch on or of every part of the Machinery, by disabling the main system Interlocks. This helps the system operator to clear any malfunction issues easily and quickly.