Conrete Testing & Quality Control Laboratory Management System - iBreaker

iOlabs organises your Quality Control Laboratory with the new Management System  iBreaker

iBreaker lets the operator to use the Concrete Testings breaking machine manually or automatically with a very UserFriendly way. During the operation the system user can supervise the  process via indications on the main system screen, and to  print all the break results and elements to a full report Print.

iBreaker also is able to help you organise your Quality Control Lab by keeping for you important information about the productions and Concrete strength results , the moisture indications and many other useful information.


  • Compatible with all known Concrete Breaking Machines.
  • Automatic and manual Operation.
  • realtime   Charts and Indications.
  • Breaking Reports and Barcode Management for the Testings.
  • Concrete Testings Management System and Information keeping through Database System.
  • Tasks Scheduling System.



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