Quarry Industrial Automation - iQuarry

iQuarry is the new industrial Automation for Quarries powered by iOlabs.

iQuarry is based on new iOlabs innovative processing techniques like LEMS (Less Electronics More Stability), ATS (Auto Tuning System) , SCS (Self Care System) and supports any new technology Ethernet Controllers which provide reliability, speed and accuracy to the system.

iQuarry comes with a new modern Animated design, an easy friendly environment which provides a more sophisticated and clear view to its operator about all machinery operations.



The only one adaptable Automation System at any Quarry: iOlabs has created the only one fully adaptable Quarry Automation System, which is fully parameterized and supports any type of Machinery.

Auto Tuning System: iQuarry is the only automation system which during operation checks and corrects system settings to optimize speed and accuracy depending on the behavior of the machine and materials.

Self Care System: iQuarry automatically takes care to inform operator and proceed to any scheduled maintenance job defined by the operator.

Rapid Installation: Any Installation or System Update of iQuarry can be finished in one or two days, including all the needed work for the electrical panel transformation due to the system easy setup.

Automatic System Operation: iQuarry supports the creation of multiple automatic mode scenarios. In this way, the operator has the ability to create as many scenarios as he wants and to determine the flow order of the material in his Quarry. iQuarry will take charge of the machine components in the right order and direct the flow of materials as the operator wishes. In this way, the operator can operate the Quarry fully automatically and monitor the alarms and indications of the System Ampere meters.

Manual Operation and Maintenance Mode: iQuarry allows the operator to have complete control of the Quarry through its Manual Operation, and also allows easy and quick troubleshooting of the machine, as it is the only system with Maintenance mode.

2 steps Analog Calibration: you can easily calibrate your machinery Analog elements without the need of a specialized technician. In just 2 steps.

Wireless Operation: iQuarry is the only Automation System that can manage your Machinery Wireless from any point of your Plant by using a small Tablet PC.



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