Log Washers Automation System - iLogWash


iLogWash is the new iOlabs LogWashers Automation System. It is an application designed to make the operator able to turn to advantage his machinery capabilities and functions in the most productive and friendly way.


The only one adaptable Automation System at any LogWashing Machinery: iOlabs has created the only one fully adaptable Log Washer Machinery Automation System, which is fully parameterized and supports any type of Machinery.

Security and Reliability: iLogWash supports access Controls and rights, access codes for everyone of it’s users. It also supports System Backup processes not only time scheduled, but also at any time the user wants to.

Production Speed: The new Generation of System Controllers and Production Techniques, transform iLogWash to really fast System.

3D Animated Modern User-Friendly Design: By using all the modern Microsoft Software Development Tecnologies and using also new elegant Animated 3D Graphics , by which the user can have a full image and control of his unit, the iLogWash Automation System is the most User-friendly system in the world, supporting full indications on the Machinery parts, such as AmperMeters, VoltMeters, Presuremeters and other.

Automatic System Operation: By using modern techniques such as Software-Based Interlocks, iLogWash is able to Operate Automatically, controlling your machinery and securing the operators in special cases by shutting down any part that has a failure or bad operation.

Wireless Operation: iLogWash is the only Automation System that can manage your Machinery Wireless from any point of your Quarry by using a small Tablet PC.

Settings and Parameters: Every iLogWash Setting is accessible by the operator so as to be easy for him to change all the Machinery Parameters easily. Even Analog Calibration can be easily changed by the operatorswithout a technician presence.

Manual and Maintenance Operation: iLogWash allows the operators to take full Control of his Machinery by switching it to Manual mode. It also allows operators to bypass important Machinery failure or malfunctionning so easy , because it is the only Automation System that supports Maintenance Operation.

Rapid Installation: Any Installation or System Update for the iLogWash can be finished in one ore two days, including all the needed work for the electrological panel transformation due to the system easy setup.