Concrete Batching Plants Spare Parts

IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies, with a huge network of partners is able to provide you with reliable spare parts for any type of Concrete Batching Plant. These spare parts concern:

Electrical equipment:

  • Electric motor relays / thermals
  • Loadcells
  • Inverters
  • Terminal switches
  • Ampermeters / KW meters and other indicators
  • Pulse meters

Machinery Equipment:

  • Electric motors & reducers of all types.
  • Water & Chemical Admixtures Pumps.
  • Aggregate & Mixer Vibrators.
  • Solenoid Valves / Valves.
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic plungers.
  • Conveyor Belt Rollers & Belts.

Color & Powder Additive Weighing Systems


IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies, with its many years of experience in the field of concrete and cement products, manufactures new, high-precision weighing systems for the dosing of colour powder and powder chemical admixtures.

IOLABS colour and admixture scales provide maximum dosing accuracy for one or more powder paints / chemicals, and use state-of-the-art load cells and analog converters.

These scales support 1-4 materials and can be easily and quickly installed in the mixer or in the unloading of aggregates.

Additive Weighing Systems


The latest trends in concrete regulation, and new production methods, require the addition of more and more chemical admixtures. IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies manufactures modern, high-precision chemical admixture scales, which allow you to increase the quality of the concrete you produce.

The new chemical additive scales of our company, are made of stainless steel bucket and use state-of-the-art load cells providing maximum accuracy in the dosing of materials, without being affected by vibrations due to mixer operation.

IOLABS chemical scales support weighing of up to 5 chemicals on the same scale with a maximum weighing weight of 50 kg. These scales are provided with a loading pump for each material and their unloading is achieved either by natural flow using a pneumatic valve, or by using a unloading pump depending on the needs of your machine.

At the same time they have a washing system for cleaning the bucket.

Concrete Plants Service & Upgrade

IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies undertakes the maintenance or upgrade of any mobile or stationery Concrete Batching Plant, immediately and quickly, offering its customers a complete maintenance solution for any machine.

The fully trained and equipped technical staff of our company, is able to provide any technical solution to mechanical and electrical maintenance or upgrade of your asphalt complex.

These tasks may concern:

  • Concrete Automation Installation / Upgrade.
  • Electrical work & upgrade of electrical panels & components of the Batching plant.
  • Wiring works.
  • Machinery Relocation Works.
  • Maintenance / Replacement of motors & reducers.
  • Conveyor belts Maintenance / Replacement.
  • Maintenance / Replacement of Terminals / Solenoid Valves.
  • Maintenance / Upgrading of the Scales of the machine.
  • Mixer Maintenance / Replacement.

IOLABS works with the largest spare parts suppliers in the industry and can supply you directly with any spare part.

New & Used Concrete Plants


IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies, having a huge network of partners is able to provide you with a wide range of new and used mobile and fixed Concrete Prep.

IOLABS Mobile Concrete Plants (new and used / remanufactured):

  • They are self-propelled with 1 tractor and do not need a truck to transport them.
  • They are set up and ready to produce in less than 5 hours.
  • They have a productivity of 60 – 100 m3.
  • Equipped with Mixer 1 – 2.5 m3.
  • Equipped with 4 Aggregates Storages.
  • Equipped with Chemical, Water & Cement Scales.
  • Equipped with iConcrete – iOLABS iConcrete Automation system.

Stationary Concrete Plants:

IOLABS and its experienced executives, in collaboration with our company partners, are able to record the needs of your business and offer you solutions of fixed concrete workshops that match the productive requirements of your company and the spatial specifications of your construction site.

IOLABS undertakes the installation and commissioning of your machine and guarantees its correct and smooth operation. At the same time, we undertake to provide you with advantageous solutions for Used and Remanufactured machines, their integration into subsidy and business support programs.

Moisture Meters - Hydrometers

iOlabs Moisturmeter calculates the exact percentage of moisture on all aggregates such as sand. The MicroWaves Technology eliminates any mistake during calculations and guarandes Relible Calculations.

iOlabs Moisturmeter uses digital Technology and cab be easily setted up and calibrated. Its Installation in any type of silo is very easy and can be used either compined with a digital indicator, or directly connected to the Automation System.

Parts Shipped in the Box.

  • Connection Cable
  • Connections Box and necessary
  • Montage gasket


  • 0,1 to 0,25 % accuracy depending on the material type
  • 4-20mA or 0-10V Analog Output  and   RS232.
  • Calibration  by  using  RS232/RS485 connection.
  • Multiple Calibrations for more than one Materials in the same silo with the same sensor.
  • 5 year sealing guarrandy.
  • Water Resist Sealing.
  • Easy Installation
  • Software Based Calculating system.
  • Guaranteed By iOlabs

Weighing Systems

iOlabs Provides you the best Industrial Weight Systems…

After many years of experience of our staff in Industrial Automation and IT Applications for the Industries, we are able to know and pick out the best Industrial weight systems that will improve your company’s efficiency.

iOlabs Software Development Department has created a huge variety of Applications that can cover completely any need or demand of your company.

We also Provide to our Customers special Prices , High quality of products and very short time of delivery as far as excellent on-site technical support immediately and with a very big amount of spare parts available for you.

Contact iOlabs Sales & Marketing Department now and get all the Info you need.