Asphalt Plants Spare Parts

IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies, with a huge network of partners is able to provide you with reliable spare parts for any type of Asphalt Plant. These spare parts concern:

Electrical equipment:

  • Electric motor relays / Thermals
  • Loadcells
  • Inverters
  • Terminal switches
  • Ampermeters / KW meters and other indicators
  • Pulse meters
  • Temperature Sensors / Thermocouples PT-100

Machinery Equipment:

  • Electric motors & reducers of all types.
  • Asphalt Pumps.
  • Diesel & Crude oil Pumps
  • Aggregate & Mixer Vibrators.
  • Burners
  • Solenoid Valves / Valves.
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic plungers.
  • Conveyor Belt Rollers & Belts.

Thermocouples & Temperature Sensors

iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies manufactures and has a rich range of PT100 Thermocouples / Temperature Resistors and temperature sensors.

iOLABS thermocouples provide maximum reliability and measurement speed and are the best solution for any industrial application.

iOLABS thermocouples are available in any diameter, length and thread you need and we can manufacture any type of thermocouple you need.


Asphalt Weighing Systems

iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies manufactures modern asphalt scales, providing maximum accuracy in adding asphalt to the produced asphalt mix of an asphalt plant.

iOLABS asphalt weighing system consists of a double wall tank for continuous flow of hot oil provided by the machine’s oil heater. In case the machine does not support an oil heater, the scale can have a built-in oil heater using resistors.

The Asphalt Scale uses high precision load-cells and its unloading is achieved either through natural flow in the asphalt spray nozzles of the mixer, or by using an asphalt pump.

Asphalt Plants Service & Upgrade


IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies undertakes the maintenance or upgrade of any mobile or stationary asphalt plant, immediately and quickly, offering its customers a complete maintenance solution for any machinery.

The fully trained and equipped technical staff of our company, is able to provide any technical solution to mechanical and electrical maintenance or upgrade works for your asphalt plant.

These tasks may concern:

  • Installation / Upgrade of Asphalt Automation.
  • Electrical works & upgrade of electrical panels & components of the machinery.
  • Wiring works.
  • Machinery Relocation Works.
  • Maintenance / Replacement of motors & reducers.
  • Maintenance / Automation of the oven and burners of the Asphalt plant.
  • Maintenance / Automation of the Asphalt plant filter system.
  • Maintenance / Upgrading of the Scales of the Asphalt plant.
  • Maintenance / Upgrading of Asphalt-Fuel Oil Tanks.

New & Used Asphalt Plants

IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies, with large collaborations in Greece and abroad, offers you a rich range of new and used Asphalt plants.

Our specialized staff is able to record the needs of your company and offer you the appropriate solutions at the most advantageous prices.

All asphalt plants are provided with the new Asphalt automation of our company, iAsphalt, as well as electrical panels with the guarantee of iOLABS Automation & Software.

Contact a representative of our company to find the most advantageous solution for your business.