Additive Weighing Systems


The latest trends in concrete regulation, and new production methods, require the addition of more and more chemical admixtures. IOLABS Automation & Software Technologies manufactures modern, high-precision chemical admixture scales, which allow you to increase the quality of the concrete you produce.

The new chemical additive scales of our company, are made of stainless steel bucket and use state-of-the-art load cells providing maximum accuracy in the dosing of materials, without being affected by vibrations due to mixer operation.

IOLABS chemical scales support weighing of up to 5 chemicals on the same scale with a maximum weighing weight of 50 kg. These scales are provided with a loading pump for each material and their unloading is achieved either by natural flow using a pneumatic valve, or by using a unloading pump depending on the needs of your machine.

At the same time they have a washing system for cleaning the bucket.

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