Document Management Systems

Many important benefits is the result of a Document Management System usage from a company. It is really notable that these benefits effect not only a special department but the whole company’s running due to the fact that they implement new working practices, more efficient, smart and flexible than the traditional ones.

If the Document management system implementation is been combined with more Software packages like ERP Systems, the results will be more efficient.

iOlabs provides Complete Digital Document Management Solutions which can organize  and digitize the whole documents of a company and associate them with specific Company’s Procedures.

iDMS helps you to organize :

  • Documents script files of your organization.
  • Faxes and Mails.
  • Blueprints.
  • Emails
  • Photos and Videos

iDMSis based on modern analysis and development using tools like:

  • Visual Basic Programming Language
  • Microsoft SQL Server System Database

iDMS Basic Functions:

  • Scanning any kind of document by using a scanner and digitizing the document saving it on the System Database.
  • File of the Document based on the crteria the user has defined keeping all the essential information (registration date , type , summary etc).
  • Search of all the registered Documents by defining specific criteria.
  • Access and Preview of the specific Document and Printing , Faxing or Emailing Options.

iDMS helps you to save time, reduce your company’s functional costs by reducing human and material resources , and boosts up your Company’s Efficiency.



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