Thermocouples & Temperature Sensors

iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies manufactures and has a rich range of PT100 Thermocouples / Temperature Resistors and temperature sensors.

iOLABS thermocouples provide maximum reliability and measurement speed and are the best solution for any industrial application.

iOLABS thermocouples are available in any diameter, length and thread you need and we can manufacture any type of thermocouple you need.


Other Solutions

In iOlabs we believe that Your needs are new ideas for Solutions Development…

In iOlabs we take the responsibility to implement projects the way you need them! Our Software Development Department together with your staff will Analise step by step all the needs of your Company and the demands your staff will have from the new system and will develop a Complete Solution for you.

iOlabs staff great experience on developing special applications guarantees a great result that will boost up your Company’s Efficiency .

Contact us to create your own Special Projects!



Moisture Meters - Hydrometers

iOlabs Moisturmeter calculates the exact percentage of moisture on all aggregates such as sand. The MicroWaves Technology eliminates any mistake during calculations and guarandes Relible Calculations.

iOlabs Moisturmeter uses digital Technology and cab be easily setted up and calibrated. Its Installation in any type of silo is very easy and can be used either compined with a digital indicator, or directly connected to the Automation System.

Parts Shipped in the Box.

  • Connection Cable
  • Connections Box and necessary
  • Montage gasket


  • 0,1 to 0,25 % accuracy depending on the material type
  • 4-20mA or 0-10V Analog Output  and   RS232.
  • Calibration  by  using  RS232/RS485 connection.
  • Multiple Calibrations for more than one Materials in the same silo with the same sensor.
  • 5 year sealing guarrandy.
  • Water Resist Sealing.
  • Easy Installation
  • Software Based Calculating system.
  • Guaranteed By iOlabs

Weighing Systems

iOlabs Provides you the best Industrial Weight Systems…

After many years of experience of our staff in Industrial Automation and IT Applications for the Industries, we are able to know and pick out the best Industrial weight systems that will improve your company’s efficiency.

iOlabs Software Development Department has created a huge variety of Applications that can cover completely any need or demand of your company.

We also Provide to our Customers special Prices , High quality of products and very short time of delivery as far as excellent on-site technical support immediately and with a very big amount of spare parts available for you.

Contact iOlabs Sales & Marketing Department now and get all the Info you need.




iOlabs Panels are Constructed by using the most modern and Reliable materials in order to provide to your machinery the Reliability it needs. Our new Modern Panels are smaller and have great performance.

Placed on metallic board that meets all European Security Specifications (ΙΡ 54) , they contain the main Power Switch  and all the essential electrical parts for the Machinery Operation. It also Contains all the Motors connection Cabling and also all te Communication cabling with all the System Devices.

On the Panel also  the main System Controller is Placed. Thi Controller  is a new Generation Automation Controller that  allows the system to communicate with the main Computer Wireless or not. These controllers are responsible for the communication between the main Computer and the Machinery Parts.