Smart Hotel Solutions

Sometimes there is a need of creating some applications adapted on specific demands of an organisation… iOlabs knows the way ….

In iOlabs we take the responsibility to implement projects the way you need them! Our Software Development Department together with your staff will Analise step by step all the needs of your Company and the demands your staff will have from the new system and will develop a Complete Solution for you.

iOlabs staff great experiense on developing special applications guarantees a great result that will boost up your Company’s Efficiency.

Contact us to create your own Special Application!

Solar Panels Automation & Management

In iOlabs we invest and support in fact the Green Development and all new Environment-Friendly Energy Production Technologies.

iOlabs qualified staff have Developed new Management and Controlling Systems for the Solar systems, and provide you integrated Solutions that can boost up your Investments, as :

  • Panels Tracking Control .
  • Panels Operation Control and Management.
  • Online Monitoring of more than one Units.
  • Efficiency and Operation Reports.

Smart Home Automation

We Design, Install and Setup new Modern and Flexible Systems for your own  «Smart Home» which can Suport:

  • Energy Consumption Optimization System.
  • Home Security Management System.
  • «Smart Cards»  Home Entrance Systems.
  • Fire Tracing , and alarms management.
  • Video and Audio distribution at every part of the house.
  • Home Networking and Peripherals Management.
  • ADSL and Communications Management.
  • New Generation Smart Devices Connections.
  • Faster Internet provide.
  • Environmental , Illumination and Air Conditioning Management.
  • Digital & Satellite  TVdistribution.


Smart Building Automation

We Design, Install and Setup new Modern and Flexible Systems for your own  «Smart Building» which can Suport:

  • Surveillance
  • Security & Fire Access Control Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Internal Climate control
  • Computer Network, peripherals, etc.
  • Fast Internet & Intranet
  • Tele-applications – Teleconference
  • Smart new generation devices connectivity
  • Energy consumption Optimization & Management
  • Video and Audio Distribution  throughout the building