Upgrade to iConcrete Automation System through ESPA "Competitiveness Tools for Small and Very Small Businesses" program


Introducing the ESPA “Competitiveness Tools for Small and Very Small Businesses” program, iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies enables you to easily, quickly and economically upgrade your Concrete & Cement automation system with iConcrete, iOLABS’s new concrete automation, which is fully compatible with the new Concrete Technology Regulation.

NIKOS VLT S.A. upgrades their Automation & Management systems with iOLABS solutions

Another large company in the field of concrete, NIKOS VLT SA, invests in iOLABS integrated automation & production management solutions.


NIKOS VLT SA, the largest producer of concrete in Rhodes, proceeded to upgrade the automation system of 2 production units, with the new automation system of our company, iConcrete.

At the same time, the company upgraded the ordering & production management system and issuing shipping vouchers with iConcrete DMS, the new Cloud Production Management System from iOLABS.

We at iOLABS cordially thank the management & executives of NIKOS VLT SA for their confidence and tremendous help in the process of upgrading systems.

Let's Go on Safari !!!!!

Kosmos Safaris Website Powered by iOLABS

iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies has created a new, modern Website for Kosmos Safaris, the greatest Safari travel agency in Kenya !!!

Travel through the pages of Kosmos Safaris in enchanting landscapes and discover how you can also organize an excursion with Kenya’s finest travel agency.

iOLABS supports Make A Wish.


Make A Wish is a nonprofit organization that relies exclusively on thousands of volunteers and sponsorships to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from rare diseases. With its important work, it has managed to fulfill the wishes of thousands of children in Greece and abroad, and continues this effort despite all the difficulties of our time.

At iOLABS, within our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have decided to support the action of all these people in a different way. Fulfilling their own wish! Creating an information system that will support their efforts and simplify the complex processes they need to follow so that they can devote more time to fulfill wishes for more children.

iOLABS team managed to complete the analysis and development of the “Make A Wish Cloud Platform”, an online information system that fully covers the needs of Make A Wish volunteers and coordinators to fulfill children wishes. iOLABS team members (analysts, developers) devoted enough of their personal time to deliver Make A Wish Cloud Platform in as short a time as possible. At the same time, iOLABS is fully committed to upgrade and maintain the Make A Wish Cloud Platform forever so that Make A Wish team to continue to dedicate on the tremendous work they are doing.

The Delivery & Presentation of Make A Wish Cloud Platform took place on Friday, June 15, 2018, at the Make A Wish offices in Athens. The smiles and worm words of the people of the organization were a great honor and reward for the effort of our team.

We cordially would like to thank all those who worked to complete this huge project, both on the Make A Wish side and on the iOLABS side.

Alexandros Dervos
CEO – iOLABS Automation & Software Technologies.



Download iConcrete Online Demo

Now iOLABS enables you to download the iConcrete  – Concrete Production Automation System Demo and discover all the incredible features it provides at this site: http://iconcrete.eu/iConcreteDemoVersion.exe.

Demo needs a good internet connection, since it is installed in our company’s cloud, and is fully functional.

Indicatively, some of the companies that use our Automation are:

  • NIKOS V.L.T.

You can also watch video in our automation mode at http://iconcrete.eu, at our company website, and at IOLABS’s Social Media (facebook, LinkedIn, twitter )


New Online Concrete Dispatch Management System powered by iOLABS


IOLABS with tremendous experience in the field of concrete production, and following the latest technological developments, created a new Online Concrete Dispatch System, iConcrete DMS.

iConcrete DMS provides a user-friendly and fully customizable online business environment for easy management of concrete delivery notes fully harmonized with the new World Concrete Technology Regulations and their requirements regarding concrete  production and transport.

Combined with the immense technological innovations of iConcrete  Automation system, iOLABS provides a complete package for every concrete production company.

iConcrete DMS supports:

  • Customers Management
  • Project management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Managing Produced Species
  • Orders Management
  • Issue & Management of Concrete Shipment.

iConcrete DMS can connect to any Accounting Package and draw or provide it with all the necessary information for the operation of the business.

Automation Upgrade with iConcrete for Larsinos SA Batching Plant at Faliro Bay Renovation Works

IOLABS, with continued presence in all major projects in Greece, upgraded Larsinos’ concrete production unit in Faliro with the most advanced automation of concrete production, iConcrete .


Weighbridge system Upgrade - Latomia Notias Evias