iOlabs provides integrated solutions of ERP Systems which will organize, format, connect and automate all the procedures of your Company. By Applying an ERP System to your Company there is a more neat and effective management af all these procedures affecting the following sections of your company.







-Quality Control

-Human Resources


iOlabs  ERP  Systems are based on new Technologies as

-Visual Basic .Net Programming Language

-Microsoft SQL Server Database System .

  The Expected Bennefits of an ERP usage are:
-More Effective Management of the Company***s Human Resources   , -Faster Briefing and Information Providing ti the Accounting and Marketing Departments, -Sober Organizing for the Accounting Department, -Total Re-organisation of the Company***s Sales and Marketing Department.        

Personell Management Systems

Every Company needs a Reliable System to count the personnel***s real work time , their overtime and day labors , because the base for their payment is the real time the have worked for the company.

iOlabs  has Developed modern Personnel Presentations Solutions that they are able to to cover even the most complicated needs of a company , presenting to the Human Resources   and Accounting Departments all the necessary Information easily and immidiatelly.
Use of Magnetic Cards for Company Security and information
Quick real work time , overtime and day labors  calculation for every employee.
Employees spel time Scheduling.
Reporting and Charts for:

Employee availability.

Dailly Program 

Monthly Work Chart for every Employee.

Time Schedule per Employee

Personnel missmatch Reports   

Connectivity with any type of   ERP System   .

Document Management Systems

Many important bennefits is the result of a Document Management System usage from a company. It is really notable that these bennefits efect not only a special department but the whole company***s running due to the fact that they implement new working practics, more efficient, smart and flexible than the traditional ones.

If the Document management sustem implementation is been combined with more Software packages like ERP Systems, the results will be more efficient.
iOlabs provides Complete Digital Document Management Solutions which can organize  and digitize the whole documents of a company and associate them with specific Company***s Procedures. 
IODMS   helps you to organize :

-Documents  script files of your organisation.

-Fax andMails.



-Photos and  Video

IODMS   is based on modern analusis and development using tools as  όπως :

-Visual Basic Programming Language

-Microsoft SQL Server System Database.

IODMS   Basic Functions:   Scanning any kind of document by using a scanner and digitizing the document saving it on the System Database.   File of the Document based on the crteria the user has defined keeping all the essential information (registration date , type , summary etc). Search of all the registered Documents by defining specific criteria. Access and Preview of the specific Document and Printing , Faxing or Emailing Options. 
IODMS   helps you to save time  , reduce your companys functional costs by redusing human and material resources , and boosts up your Company***s Efficiency.


Customer Relationship Management

The Detection and Coleaguemanship of new customers by the process of interpersonal Contact Procedure (bussiness - Customer) is in our days the most esential job of a Marketing Department.   iOlabs  provides you the best Tool to manage your client list and develop your Company.

CRM Advantages:

-Important customers Detection.

-Increase of your Bussiness bennefits.

-Marketing Communication Targeting

-Decrease of Customers loss.

-To create 'faithfull' Clients 

Custom Applications

Sometimes there is a need of creating some applications adapted on specific demands of an organisation... iOlabs  knows the way ....

In iOlabs  we take the responsibility to implement projects the way you need them!  Our Software Development Department together with your staff will Analyse step by step all the needs of your Company and the demands your staff will have from the new system and will develope a Complete Solution for you. iOlabs  staff great experiense on developing special applications guarantees a great result that will boost up your Company***s Efficiency.
Contact us to create your own Special Application!

Website Development

iOlabs using the latest Programming technologies and tools , guarantees the creation of a modern and easy to handle Website which will become the best Presentation and Advertisment tool for your Organisation, in the really fastly Developing and Progressive World Wide Web, making your own Website the best Communication and Advertisment Portal for your Company. 
Website Hosting
iOlabs  uses supermodern and Reliable  Web Servers   to host your Company***s  We bsite της Εταιρίας σας, making it accessible by the visitors all around the World.
These Web Servers   support all the latest website hosting Technologies and Provide high Security from Website Attacks or Data loss.
gr com or . eu Domain   Registration, using the  Domain Name you really Want
Our Company takes all responsibility to Register for you a Domain Name, that you will choose to use and proceeds to all the necessary actions for its Registration for the time you want.
Domain Name Servers Setup  and Search Engines Registration
iOlabs  will take care to setup the  Domain Name Servers DNS ) and to add your  Website at  the most popular Search Engins (Greek ang Global) so as your Website to be placed immidiatelly among the most popular and Search Engine***s Top Results.
Website Maintenance and Updates.
iOlabs  guarantees that it***s qualified and specilly trained staff, will take care of any Maintenance or Updating work for your Website any time you really need it reliably and immidiatelly.

IT Management & Support

Even a Perfect System needs Support... Trust the Specialists!!!!

H ardware: By counting up for you the cost and reliability, we pick up for you the Equipment that will help you to boost up your Company.

So ftware: Either it is a Software package or a special Application that we will develop specially for you , our Software Development Department Staff***s experience guarantees that it will be an excellent Solution.

Networking:   In our days Networking is the Fishbone of a company. In iOlabs  we take care that your network will provide you the basic specifications such as Speed and Security. That***s the way we develop your  Information Environment on robust bases.

Technical Support: Even a Perfect System needs Support. Our qualified Technicians  will be next to you at any time you need so as to ensure the endless operation of your essential information systems.

Upgrades: In our days technology grows up day by day with rapid rate, so every company needs follow this rate. Your continual  advising on new technologies and techniques is for us one of the basic alements of a good colaboration.

Mobile Applications

The rapid evolution in the telecommunications sector and the mobile devices use (Smartphones / Tablets) makes more urgent the need to create mobile apps for every company, both for viewing, serving and supporting its customers.

iOlabs with a number of innovative ideas, now gives you the opportunity to conquer the huge market of mobile devices, promote your business, and get closer to your customers, by creating for your applications for all operating systems, mobile devices ( Windows / IOS / Android

In cooperation with the Marketing department of your company, iOlabs experienced analysts, designers and developers undertake designing and creating your application.

Contact us now and get your own application !!!!


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