Welcome to   iOlabs,   Development and Automation Solutions for Industry and Software company!  

The philosophy of our company is summarized in that nothing is impossible and difficult. At iOlabs we are able to create or adapt our products covering every need of the customer. Our moto '...everything is possible!' it is not just a slogan, it is something that characterizes iOlabs   from the first day of its operation.

The Company

... everything is possible!!!

The integraded High Technology Solutions Company, iOlabs  is a creation of great experience and know how of its staff  in IT Science and Automations. Having allready Designed and Created some of the most successfull and Innovative Industry Automation and Management systems, it broadens your Company s Horizons by providing to you quality Solutions in order to increase its Performance.

Based on our Copmlete Systems  Analysis, Design and Development and taking notice of the specific demands of your Bussiness,  we are able to give you the great bennefit of automation in the most complicate systems.
In iOlabs  our staff`s Education and Trainning never stops. We are on a Continual Inquiry of new Technologies and System Development Techniques, based on Education and Qualification of our staff in the modern Technology. Our workforce is consisted by Microsoft Professors, qualified on  MCT, MCSD, MCAD, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSA, MCP,  SUN Microsystems  in JAVA technologies like  SCJA, SCJD και SCJP,  and CISCO Systems  with titles likeCCIE, CC DP και  CC NA.


Our Principals

Vision: iOlabs  Creation was based on the Company`s Faith for a new Innovative Company that will be a pioneer on Analysis , Design and Development of it own Products so as to cover a huge amount of customer needs in Greece and Abroad.

Philosophy : The Development of a Company with Principals and Social Orientation that will Operate with Responsibility and respect to it`s Customers , to the Environment and the Society.

Mission : To provide it`s Customers high quality Solutions, Services and Product. That`s the main Reason that everybody in iOlabs  is trying the best so as to cozy up our Customers  Confidense.

Software Development Department

The iOlabs  Software and Automation Systems Development Department, has a deep knowledge and certificates on Microsoft® Software Development Technologies,   like Visual Studio.Net and   Microsoft® SQL Server

The Development Department has released new, modern and innovative systems which can cover any present or future need on the Industry market.
Our staff endless researches on the market needs, offer to iOlabs  the advantage to develop new innovative products that can boost your company benefits to the top.
The first Priority for our company is to be always ready to cover any market`s needs .
Always First , Always the Best ....


Sales Department

In iOlabs  our philosophy is really clear…
Every Customer for us is really unique and what he relly deserves is a  Sales Consultant, ready to provide him with all the essential Information and guide him to the best and most efficient Investment for his Bussiness.
By Using its fully trained staff, the Sales and Marketing Department   has always a really good collaboration with all Departments of our Company and specially selected Providers and they are able to provide you High Quality Products, covering any of you needs in Hardware, Software and Networking Solutions as far as all the iOlabs  series of Products. 
For us, it is a  high priority to cover any  demand of our Customers straightly , Immidiatelly and Reliably, not only at the Presales procedure, but also after the product sale.  Our Department is really responsible enough to undertake your case and to find the best solution to your issues.
The main Target of our Staff***s Continual trainning  is to transform anyone of our Sales Consultants to your best Partner inside iOlabs.
Contact Us …
Sales and Marketing Department : commercial@iOlabs.gr

Technical Support Department

iOlabs Technical Support Department is staffed by qualified technicians so as to be able straightly and trustworthily to cover any technical support need of your Company. You can trust their knowledge like they were your own cooperators. In iOlabs we are always searching for the best because our satissfied customers reflect our Company`s prestige!

The Phone Support Department is available 24 hours / day so as to help you anytime.
Contact the Technical Support Department and get Informed about Phone Support Services, and all the Support Services we can offer you.
General Info: info@iOlabs.gr Technical Support: support@iOlabs.gr

Co-operate with us

Many Different Ideas are always Better than one even though it is a very good one...

In this Prase we summarize all the iOlabs  Philosophy about Colaboration and Development...      
In order to be always Pioneers by developing new innovative Products and Services, we overlook and trying to Cooperate with Bussinesses and Organisations with the same consideration about the Idea of Colaboration.
The biggest Bennefit for us is the pleasure of colaboration and in common Creation with people who are happy to share with us Ideas and Visions...
We are trying to Compose Project teams having as a basic criterio their ability in teamwork , to be responsible , to think out Solutions and to insist working tirelessly until the end of the project. 
If your Collaboration Philosophy meets our one , lets move together to the  future ....



Weighbridge Operation & Management System  IOBridge.Net  (Installation Password : iOlabs)

Download full Product Presentation & Specs IOBridge.Net  (PDF)


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e-mails: info@iolabs.gr , commercial@iolabs.gr
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